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The advanced industrial base of OTJSC “Zelenodolsk Plywood factory” allows to make up to 60,000 cube. meters of plywood per year. Quality is perfect and corresponds to standard of class of emission E1 that confirms the Certificate of conformance given by scientific enterprise НП «Фантест» (St.-Petersburg). We produce plywood of different grades with the maximal size 1525x1525 mm, thickness from 3 mm up to 21 mm.

At the request of the customer different sizes of plywood are carried out and also details of complex configuration, furniture and other preparations. Distinctive features of OTJSC “Zelenodolsk Plywood factory” are its physicomechanical features confirmed by certificate and its beautiful structure. This allows to use plywood in many industries, in aviation, in production of furniture, musical instruments, interior finish of rooms, walls’ facing, ceiling, flooring on floors under the parquet. Our production is non-polluted has a stable demand both on interior and exterior markets and deserved special recognition in the countries of Near and Far abroad.

More than 90 % of produced plywood is exported for world market. Constant customers are countries of Commonwealth of Independent States, England, USA, Germany, Poland, Slovenia, Italy, Egypt, and Hungary. Success of OTJSC “Zelenodolsk Plywood factory” is made by modern equipment bu famous European companies Raute Wood, Rauma-Repola, Infor (Finland), Kuper Machinen GmbH KG (Germany), Steinmann (Switzerland), introduction of innovations, strict observance of technologies, use of natural raw material. There is the quality system according to MS ISO 9001:2000, the administration policy of the factory, directed on the manufacturing of qualitative and competitive production focused on export.

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